San Fernando Valley Business

San Fernando Valley Business

Showbiz is the name of the game when it comes to industry in the San Fernando Valley. Though the Valley was originally known for advances in aerospace and nuclear research as a result of the presence of companies like Lockheed, which developed aircraft and was located at Burbank airport, and Rocketdyne, headquartered in Canoga Park and developing rockets for NASA, the region is most famous for the industry that makes people famous. Some of the biggest studios that put out movies and television of Hollywood actually call the San Fernando Valley home, including CBS, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney. Every day, major motion pictures and television shows, as well as commercials and other projects are being filmed, edited and produced on and around these studios.

The presence of the movie business has brought a significant amount of tourism to the Valley, making that another important industry. Universal Studios is home to an entertainment and dining district, called CityWalk and a full-scale theme park, complete with rides, live shows and a studio back lot tour. The opportunity to see locations from many famous films that were shot in the area, as well as the proximity to other major tourism sites, like Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean also make the San Fernando Valley a popular destination for travelers.

In the 1970’s, the San Fernando Valley also became known for being the home to the adult film industry. To date, it is still the location of the largest pornography companies in the United States, an industry that churns out billions of dollars a year. This dubious distinction has earned the area with the highest concentration of adult entertainment companies, predominately Chatsworth, Van Nuys and Canoga Park, nicknames such as “Silicone Valley,” “Porn Valley” and “San Pornando Valley.”

Agriculture used to be an important part of the Valley’s industries and plays a major role in the history of the region. Today, as a result of the rising property values, it has been reduced to small growers who largely sell in the local farmer’s markets that can be found in Valley cities like Burbank and Studio City on the weekends.

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