San Fernando Valley Culture

San Fernando Valley Culture

The San Fernando Valley has roots in many cultures, including that of the Native Americans, the Spanish and the Mexicans. It is a place that was once settled by many tribes of Native Americans, a place where the locals lived off the fruits of the land, a tradition which still continues to some degree today and can be seen in the presence of small local farms and orchards. The Native American way of life gave itself over to the Spanish and Mexican ranch way of living and traditions began to fuse. Gold was found and horses roamed in an area that now has more people in it than live in several states combined.

Today, the ranches have been replaced by developments and major movie studios. Over the years the Valley became home to many famous people in the film business and still remains so to this day. The culture is no longer predominantly a mix of the original inhabitants, the Indians, the Spanish and the Mexicans, but a melting pot of today’s current group of diverse cultures. People who live in San Fernando Valley seek out the diversity that the Valley offers. It now represents a famous slice of suburbia that has been captured in many well-known movies such as Boogie Nights, Chinatown, and Magnolia. The movies captured the essence of life in the Valley and people move to the Valley to become a part of that culture.

Since the development of the freeways, commuter trains and buses that connect the Valley to downtown LA, people can make a choice to live in an environment that offers them a mix of urban and suburban life. Between the rich history of the past and the hopefulness of the future, the San Fernando Valley will continue to entice singles, families and retirees to choose the Valley not only as a way of life, but as their home.

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