Welcome to San Fernando Valley

Welcome to San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley is approximately 260 square miles of urban city living and recreation areas in Southern California. It is defined by the mountain ranges that encircle it and is home to a number of neighborhoods that fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles, as well as several separately incorporated cities, including Burbank and Calabasas. If viewed as a city, the San Fernando Valley would be one of the six largest cities in the nation, but it was not actually designed to be a city and actually developed organically as a result of the natural geology of the region, including its water supply.

The area has a fascinating history that follows the growth of California and its inhabitants, from the Native Americas to the Spanish and Mexican residents to its final position as a part of the United States. The Valley is famous today for its affiliation with the movie business, as home to some of the biggest movie studios and film and production companies in the Los Angeles area, such as Disney and Warner Brothers. Many parts of the Valley are recognizable from their inclusion in major motion pictures and television shows throughout the history of film and TV.

The often ideal climate and weather conditions, as well as the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, combined with more affordable housing options than are available closer to the coast make the Valley a popular choice for people to live. The San Fernando Valley also offers a number of city parks and recreational options for the outdoor enthusiast, including large areas of green like Balboa Park and Griffith Park. Opportunities for activities abound, including golf, hiking, horseback riding, cycling and much more. It is also a shopper’s delight, with several major shopping and entertainment complexes as well as smaller, more atmospheric neighborhood shopping locales.

For tourists, there are a number of exciting attractions in and around the San Fernando Valley, including theme parks, studio tours, museums, the historic sites of Hollywood and the summertime fun of the beach communities. The San Fernando Valley can be accessed by flying into LAX and taking a trip up the 405 Freeway via car or by taking the Van Nuys Flyaway, which will deposit you in Van Nuys for far less than the cost of a taxi. However, the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank offers local access directly to the Valley and doesn’t suffer from the same congestion and traffic issues of larger airports. You can also reach the Valley by train (Amtrak) from nearby areas and there are local stations at the airport and in Van Nuys and Chatsworth. Having a car can be important in getting around such a sprawling metropolis, though there is a Metro, which you can take from North Hollywood or Universal City. It will take you through Hollywood and into Downtown for a nominal fee.

The San Fernando Valley is an exciting place to live or visit, with numerous opportunities for adventures, activities and opportunities.

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